Recognising a demand for plant based and vegetarian cuisine in Sydney, our team is dedicated to creating a variety of traditional and original dishes, as we invite all our guests to explore a world of flavours. All our dishes are made with the finest and freshest produce to ensure the finest flavours for every meal. Our unique atmosphere and superb dishes will have you coming back for more and more!!!


The Sage Village is a plant based and vegetarian restaurant in Macarthur square, Campbelltown, serving contemporary food in an inviting setting, at affordable prices.The Sage Village strives to create a true taste experience and impeccable service for our customers.


The Sage Village heralds a modern plant-based & vegetarian approach. With an emphasis on vibrant, plant based, living foods, we have a commitment to the art of mindful cuisine. Featuring Plant based and vegetarian dishes, we invite you to nourish yourself with our enlightened, plant-empowered cuisine.

" If you're not the one cooking, stay out of the way and compliment the chef. "

Michael Strahan